Crushing Milestone: How a 300 Ton per Hour Stone Crusher Revolutionizes Aggregate Production

As the name suggests, a stone crusher is a machine used to crush large stones into different sizes. Crushed stone aggregates are used in the construction industry, either as a filler material or for road building purposes. With a 300 ton-per-hour capacity, a stone crusher machine takes 3.5 minutes to crush one cubic meter of gravel into a 6-inch size.

Seeking to revolutionize aggregate production, a team at Metso Outotec, known for their advanced engineering solutions worldwide, developed the robust Lokotrack® LT200HP™ mobile cone crusher. This crushing plant is powered by a CAT® C13 diesel engine and is capable of producing up to 300 tons of high-quality aggregate per hour.

One of the significant advantages of this stone crusher is its mobility. With its tracks, it can be easily moved around various job sites, providing operators with flexibility and efficiency. Whether the material is being sourced from a quarry or needs to be transported to different locations, this mobile crusher makes the process convenient and cost-effective.

Aggregate production often requires various stages of crushing, depending on the desired output size and shape. The Lokotrack® LT200HP™ offers excellent versatility with a variety of crushing chambers available. This enables the machine to adapt to different aggregate production requirements, ensuring the final product meets specific customer needs.

Another remarkable feature of this stone crusher is its powerful cone crushing unit. The crusher's large feed opening accepts material up to 240 mm (9.5 inches) in diameter, ensuring high productivity even with challenging feed materials. Equipped with an efficient direct-drive system and a variable crusher speed, it maximizes throughput and minimizes wear on the crushing chamber.

Moreover, the Lokotrack® LT200HP™ maintains optimal performance regardless of the weather or geographic location. It is equipped with an advanced control system that automatically adjusts the crusher settings to compensate for fluctuations in the feed conditions. This intelligent automation ensures consistent product quality and reduces downtime caused by manual adjustments.

Environmental sustainability is also a key consideration in modern aggregate production. The Lokotrack® LT200HP™ addresses this concern by incorporating innovative features such as a dust suppression system and engine dust covers. These measures minimize dust emissions, protecting the environment and improving the working conditions on-site.

In conclusion, the development of the Lokotrack® LT200HP™ mobile cone crusher has revolutionized the way aggregate production is conducted. With its high capacity and mobility, this machine offers a game-changing solution for efficient and cost-effective aggregate production. Equipped with advanced features, it enables operators to produce high-quality aggregates consistently while ensuring environmental sustainability. As technology continues to advance, we can expect further milestones in aggregate production that will drive efficiency and sustainability in the construction industry.

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